«Звуки» – a new energy song performed by TRACH


Music is a property of the human soul. We extract it from the depths of our own Universe in order to touch the hearts of others with something personal and at the same time divine.

"Звуки" is a new energetic song by TRACH about how to be reborn in music. No matter after what, it matters for what. Having strayed from the road, you unexpectedly find a new, unthinkable way before. It takes not only enthusiasm or courage to start it. You need to put together all the best that is in you and take the first step!

And when it seems that the power of music leaves you, giving in to the cold silence, listen more carefully… Do you hear?


Download & listen «ЗВУКИ» ►http://www.lavinamusic.com/en/pages/zvuki-0

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