TRACH pleased fans with a new song


TRACH pleased fans with a new song called "Ptashka". An intimate lyrics and a rocky sound with a distinctive guitar riff mix - this is how a new premiere can be described.

The song called "Ptashka" for a reason. It has a symbolic meaning: we are just like birds, appreciate our freedom and inner independence very much, but once we fall in love - whether we consciously or unconsciously place the needs of the person we love above our own. We become everything to her, and no longer imagine our existence without her.

"Ptashka" is a song about love in its various manifestations. It is about love that doesn't choose and which takes our breath away, love that heals and always illuminates our path in all the trials of life. It erases the sense of time and opens up the best in you. Lyrics and music of the song are written by Yuriy Farina.


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