A sarcasm song that confirms those who rule the ball are not always kings. «Шуты» was written in 2009, in the style of pop-rock-shanson, by the famous chanson singer


"Звуки" is a new energetic song by TRACH about how to be reborn in music. No matter after what, it matters for what.


A new song in the style of rock chanson "Не сдавайся королева" by Alia Diuim. Motivational text for a self-confident woman who urges the entire female half to be strong and not give up in the struggle for their happiness!


Due to the fact that recently the number of non-sexual maniacs has sharply increased in the country and the demographic crisis is deepening,  Alia Diuim decided to draw attention to this problem with a new song.

“Ловите маньяка” is a cry of a lonely female soul and


This joyful and at the same time sad album is the fruit of the creative collaboration of people who share a love to Celtic music and Celtic culture. The newly created «CELTICIAD» includes nine original songs performed in Welsh (Cymraeg)


Sometimes there is some mystical metaphysics in life. The new single «Ми вільні» by LETAY project, although it was conceived more than a year ago (in December 2018), was destined to come out right now - at a time when all humanity is especially experiencing restrictions on freedom through activities related to "coronavirus" quarantine.