The ensemble of Ukrainian authentic music «Bozhychi» (www.bozhychi.com.ua; https://www.facebook.com/bozhychi) has released the first audio album after an 11-year break, entitled «Poza chasom». The title of the album reflects the experience of singers working with traditional grooves of Ukrainian folk songs and suggests that folk music, even in the XXI century, doesn’t lose its relevance and can be performed and captured without any modern «wrapper».


When the wave of life events lifts you up, you fall into a state that you want to comprehend as much as possible.


Is it worth doing remixes if the original track itself is dancing? This question didn’t remain unanswered for a long time in the process of reflecting on the fate of the song «Не забуду я тебе ніяк». Can never have enough dances, so when the original track was released Ilya Reznikov started to


LETAY continue to use creatively Illya's participation in the current show «Voice of the Country» – the project released the second (after Gaitan's "Два вікна") cover. At the stage of «battles» Reznikov performed in a duet with a competitor one of the bangers of the legendary «Димна Суміш» «Кожної весни», a song that became a spring explosion 12 years ago.


Expressive jazz sound, modern processing, motives of love and notes of philosophical reflections, seasoned with a powerful life-affirming message – all this is "Shake Up" – the first single of the young talented saxophonist Kenta. 


When at the end of 2018 Illiaa Letay decided to take part in the talent show "Voice of the Country", at the same time the question arose what exactly to sing at the first stage – the stage of "blind auditions". Gaitana's famous hit "Dva vikna" came into view. The musician recalls