This joyful and at the same time sad album is the fruit of the creative collaboration of people who share a love to Celtic music and Celtic culture. The newly created «CELTICIAD» includes nine original songs performed in Welsh (Cymraeg)


Sometimes there is some mystical metaphysics in life. The new single «Ми вільні» by LETAY project, although it was conceived more than a year ago (in December 2018), was destined to come out right now - at a time when all humanity is especially experiencing restrictions on freedom through activities related to "coronavirus" quarantine.


SoloHa presented the cover on the song  "Хай живе надія" in honor of the anniversary of the Ukrainian pop-diva Irina Bilyk - a popular hit of the 90s from the second studio album of the birthday girl "Я розкажу". Today in difficult times for the whole world and in particular for the Ukrainian people, this composition is more than ever relevant!


Singer, songwriter and performer MELESHKO (Margarita Meleshko) has released a new single called "Відчуй момент", which consists of  two tracks with different music arranging. The single was recorded at Baker street studio, Shpytal Records in collaboration with producer Vitalii Klymov. 


Girls from the music band "Selfy" shared their lifehacks on how not to gain weight during quarantine and spend the most useful time for themselves.


Banana paradise, sea, beach,  sun and, of course, LOVE – all that we love, that we always miss –  in the new song "ECUADOR" by our "friend", the famous Ukrainian chansonnier AMICA, whose name is translated from Italian as a " friend".