Singer Lilu presented a hot remix of her hit "Лірика"


The original version of the track and the video on the song were released back in March before the quarantine was enacted. Now it's time to give the song a new breath. That is why Lilu has colaborated with DJ Oleg Novosad, who has added electronic sound to the artist's repertoire.

The song called " Лірика " ​​was written under the influence of strong emotions that arise during the period of turbulent relations between a man and a woman. It was this mood of the authors that coincided with the emotional state of the singer, so she didn’t hesitate to take this song into her repertoire.

 “My song reflects the most real life, because for some of us a relationship is like a breath of fresh air, it is a trembling in the knees, it is to give, not expecting anything in return. But for another person, this is only a "commercial break", something that flatters one's vanity and something that is an excellent "food" for satisfying one's own complexes. In relationships as in a game with only one goal – there are never winners, only losers.”, – Lilu comments on the premiere of the remix.

The music producer and renowned DJ Oleg Novosad worked on the remix of the song "Лірика", which sounded for the first time in the spring of 2020. Electronic music lovers know him as the author of the song "Power On", which was released in September.



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