TRACH has released a new song called "Човен", which has become a real musical dedication of youth


The lyrics of the song, as well as its title, have a symbolic meaning. "Човен" – characterizes the state of inner rethinking of values, awareness of the important and secondary, when looking back, we begin to understand how much has already been done and how fleeting time is.

"Човен" –  is about a personal experience first of all. It contains everything that makes up our lives: good memories and disappointments, lost opportunities and great changes, sincere hopes and separation, childlike carefreeness, naivety and pleasant nostalgia for the years when dreams seemed so real.

The song was presented at the end of the year with a good reason – as a kind of result, the completion of a certain stage and a starting point for beginning something new.

As the singer comments: “This song will be the beginning of a new stage of my creative work for me. That's how I want the music from the TRACH to sound today – sincerely, frankly and insightfully! ”

It is worth noting that the sound producer of the composition was a famous Ukrainian musician Mykhailo Klymenko (Adam).



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