"Ти мій": Masha Sobko presents a new track


Ukrainian singer Masha Sobko presented the song "Ty miy".

Hitmaker Alona Melnyk wrote the music for the song.

"Ty miy" was first created in Russian a few years ago, but as Ukrainian music now gets more popular, the artist team turned to the famous poet Diana Golde. It was she who was working on a new reading of the song already in Ukrainian.

"It seems to me that the Ukrainian-language version of the song" Ty miy "sounds more intimate and melodious," Masha Sobko comments on the double premiere.


It is interesting that the candid photo session in honor of the release of the new single "Ty miy" was shot not by Masha Sobko's husband, but by the famous photographer Mykhailo Fedorak, who worked with Monatic, Jamala, Vera Brezhnev, ONUKA and other public figures. Despite the fact that this is Masha Sobko's first collaboration with Mykhailo Fedorak, the singer felt on the set relaxed and at ease, as her husband was present at the stage.








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