"Druga Rika" presents a new video


"Друга Ріка" presents a new video on the song "Дощ /Хай вмиє нас" from the seventh studio album "Піраміда". 

The idea of the music video itself was carried by musicians for seven years: four musicians looked to the future and showed their fans themselves in their old age.



According to the band members, old age is given in order to make important summaries in their lives.

You will never know if those musicians live to old age, so they decided to try it on themselves in advance. The script was invented back in 2011 when we were shooting "Незнайомка." Therefore, it would be strange if I didn't write to Viktor Skuratovsky to put his ideas into reality together. After some hesitation, he agreed to short-term group reunion. As a result, we received a video from the future. The video is about ourselves, ” - comments Valeriy Kharchyshyn.


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