«GARDARIKA» presents a new studio album dedicated to the memory of the music band leader


This joyful and at the same time sad album is the fruit of the creative collaboration of people who share a love to Celtic music and Celtic culture. The newly created «CELTICIAD» includes nine original songs performed in Welsh (Cymraeg) – one of the most ancient languages ​​of the Celtic language group.

In 2014, after the sudden death of  the band leader, composer and multi-instrumentalist Oleg Sirenko, work on collaborative songs was halted. Some of the music that hasn’t  been saved has been gradually restored and recorded after the tragic event, whole new tracks have been added.

«This post-mortem album is our tribute to Oleg's talent. We, his friends and relatives, hope that the distribution and sharing of music by Oleg Sirenko will be a kind of tribute to his memory.», the band members comment.

The songs from the album «CELTICIAD» in a modern music arranging with a unique sound of both ordinary electronic and classical, as well as rare musical instruments for Ukraine, including harrows, whistle flutes, Celtic harp will become a real gift for Celtic music lovers.



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