«Te Amo» is an easy and at the same time a deep-meaning composition that successfully combines hot rhythms, lyrics and understanding that love binds us.


The musicians from the  musoc band "Друга Ріка" presented a video clip for the song "Секрет" from the seventh account of "Піраміда" LP. This is the personal story of frontman Valeriy Kharchyshyn and one of the most difficult tracks of the new record.



Sasha Ray presented a new track "Mir v tebe utonet" by the talented composer, sound producer, arranger Andriy Ignatchenko, the founder of the recording studio IKSIY MUSIC.

"Mir v tebe utonet" - is the light dance composition that creates the atmosphere of a romantic holiday. The song is imbued with the magic of love and the expectation of a miracle.


A romantic, gentle, melodic single that proves that love still rules the world!


Ukrainian singer Masha Sobko presented the song "Ty miy". Hitmaker Alona Melnyk wrote the music for the song. "Ty miy" was first created in Russian


Gaitana presents a new and frank song «Obiimy, ne vidpuskai»: «I don’t know an absolute formula of love.