A new single "Ecuador" by Ukrainian chansonnier AMICA


Banana paradise,  sea,  beach,  sun and, of course, LOVE – all that we love, that we always miss –  in the new song "ECUADOR" by our "friend", the famous Ukrainian chansonnier AMICA, whose name is translated from Italian as a " friend".

Having visited 94 countries, AMICA was impressed by everyone, and today we offer to plunge into the warm and romantic love story called “ECUADOR”. Blue-footed boobies, hundreds of species of iguanas, giant stingrays, 100-year-old turtles – all these is one of Amica’s great adventure that inspired the singer to write the song!

AMICA was lucky to visit Ecuador for three times.  For the first time as a tourist and then as a friend of the family, which she had met in this paradise. The family of her Ecuadorian friend was engaged in the banana business, and the singer dedicated a symbolic line to them in the refrain - " Эквадор, мой банановый рай..." Somewhere far from our reality –  at the equator, where all the bananas of the world are grown up on endless plantations -  there is a real banana paradise.

You’d like to escape from everyday reality, from cold relationships, rainy and gloomy weather, into a warm sunny Ecuadorian dream! The song was recorded in an interesting new style "New Chanson". The sound of a guitar with a Spanish performance from Amica, each listener can mentally imagine himself on the beach, eating coconuts and drinking cocktails.

Close your eyes, click on «PLAY» and imagine yourself in paradise!

Music & lyrics - Olga Griga (AMICA).

Idea - Olga Griga (AMICA)

Music arranging - Ilya Klimov.

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