LETAY presented a new single and a lyric video on single "Myla Moiya"


Life is fleeting. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Sometimes, we dream about the future and don't  appreciate the things, which happen with us today, every day, every minute ... Although this is our real life. Especially when there is a real Love beside!

Ilya Reznikov recalls: "Myla moiya" was born in two days. I remember that a chorus appeared first. I went home late at night, tired and sad, and then realized that everything was fine. "Don't ask what will happen tomorrow, many things will be gone forever." Yes, it is true, the future is unknown, but we have to appreciate this moment and not be afraid tomorrow. I wanted to share this feeling, and I realized that these words are first and foremost for my wife. I understood that the couplet would address her. "The night will fly by, everything will be washed away, don't grieve for what is gone forever." We are two in this world, we share our dreams and desires, and we must appreciate everything we have. The next day, I sat down on the keys and came up with a motive, I really liked the way the chorus came. I came up with the first verse and wrote it down with a chorus, and recorded the arrangements. The whole process took two hours, no more, the music and words just poured out of me. ”

The track was offered to members of the panel that selected the participants for Eurovision 2018. At that moment, it wasn't clear how the final version of the song would look like, so the commission's decision to reject the project allowed LETAY not to think about tomorrow, but then to focus on the release of the single "Kokhaites", which came out in February, and work on the song "Myla Moiya" to postpone until later.

During the summer, the project "rolled" the track into a concert track list during the festivals, and simultaneously finalized the track with musician and arranger Ivan Rozin (ex-GOUACHE, ex-US) at the Baker Street studio. The latest “paints” of the sound were added by well-known music producer Vitaliy Telezin at the mixing and mastering.



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