LETAY introduced a new single and a lyric video "Ми вільні"


Sometimes there is some mystical metaphysics in life. The new single «Ми вільні» by LETAY project, although it was conceived more than a year ago (in December 2018), was destined to come out right now - at a time when all humanity is especially experiencing restrictions on freedom through activities related to "coronavirus" quarantine. Illia «Letay» Reznikov remembers:

«There were music and two words first – «вільні» and «винні», which started playing their own contradiction game…»

Throughout 2019 the track awaited its time. By the end of the year it was completely made by Illia at his home studio and was back on the shelf again. It was finally decided to publish it in the midst of spring 2020 - in anticipation of a warm free-spirited mood. Who knew that the current reflections of society would join this mood and the issue of freedom would become more acute than usual.

Now everyone thinks about true Liberty in their own way. Reznikov isn’t an exception:

«If you think about it and put it into the elements, then these are things like the freedom to say what you think, to do your own thing, to love and to be with the one you love, to make decisions freely and to manage freely your time … It happens that the soul already sings from such feelings, and it seems that the whole world is in front of you, but it doesn’t happen often. You usually just live and think nothing of it, but you immediately notice when someone wants to take that freedom away».

All of us being in a constrained space isolate our own "peaks" of freedom. Here is what the singer says:

«I’ve these moments and at the same time the feeling arises from different things. For example, you can go to the platform of another city or climb Hoverla, or just sit at home alone in the kitchen at night and read something in a book that will fill your heart with a sense of freedom. Sex and especially orgasm give you a sense of freedom - you let go of all thoughts».

It is also possible to understand what kind of things limit you and create the feelings of bondage:

«For example, almost all the time at school I felt bound - when I had to listen and to learn something I disagreed with, when I was on the line, when I hadn’t the right to go home with a bad feeling without the doctor’s permission etc. I felt bound when I worked as a copywriter and did a job I didn’t like very much».

Not knowing yet what the current situation will be, the project captured a very specific lyric video in early March with the help of director and clip maker Max Ksionda, cameraman Andrii Yevstratenko and artist Mykhailo Levchenko.In fact, today we have a unique opportunity to look new at how we can be free. Illia “Letay” Reznikov is convinced:

«I think this is an internal feeling first. There are people who remain free in very different circumstances. Conversely, there are people who remain free even when they have every opportunity. I think in order to feel free, you must honestly find common ground with yourself, because you will not deceive yourself. Of course, without restricting other people's freedom».



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