TRACH and NANNA have released a new duet work called «Я буду танцювати».


«Я буду танцювати» is a single that makes you think about the important thing: to live now and today, realizing yourself and changing the world around you. This song is about the fact that each of us is a person with unique potential and inner strength. Despite all the challenges and trials, we are able to move forward and become closer to the goal with each step.

According to the artists, each of us writes his own life story, not knowing in advance what the finale will be like. We are all ordinary people, burdened with a lot of problems, sometimes we lose faith in our own strength. And although moments of despair and disappointment occur, the main thing is to continue to "dance", to see and appreciate all the beauty around. Dream incessantly, overcome difficulties, let go of the past easily and enjoy life in all its manifestations!

The lyrics and music of the composition are written by Yana Kovaliova (Nanna). As the singer herself comments:

«We didn’t consider the possibility of future cooperation in advance. But during this difficult period I really wanted to cheer up the audience with a song with a positive energy, which would make us dance from the first seconds. Therefore, the whole creative process of  song's writing was very easy and inspiring, in a few hours. So, everything worked out and we added one more song to our joint audiography. It’s symbolic that exactly five years have passed since we presented our first duet work - "Серед тисячі людей". So today's release of «Я буду танцювати» is a kind of anniversary of our joint work.»


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