Singer, songwriter and performer MELESHKO (Margarita Meleshko) has released a new single


Singer, songwriter and performer MELESHKO (Margarita Meleshko) has released a new single called "Відчуй момент", which consists of  two tracks with different music arranging.

The single was recorded at Baker street studio, Shpytal Records in collaboration with producer Vitalii Klymov. This is the singer's third work, but the first one, released under the mononym MELESHKO.

A big team of talented musicians worked on the creation of the single. The first music arranging is more instrumental: live drums with keyboard, the guitar appears at the beginning of the track and creates a corresponding "up" throughout the song. Trombone, saxophone and trumpet parts were written to enhance the music and culminate the finale of the track. Polyphonic male and female back vocals complete the composition. Another electronic music arranging is an experiment closer to mainstream sound, using modern rhythms and samples where the main vocal sounds free, close to the soul style.

The two versatile tracks which are included into the single are a dialogue between two sides of MELESHKO's personality.

This is the conversation that is going on in each of us. In the pursuit of happiness, it is important to stop, look around and realize that happiness is near, in simple things. These are smiles of relatives, a kiss of a loved one, a chance meeting with a friend for coffee, an extra hour of morning sleep, a beautiful scenery that opens to you a new sunny day. This list of moments is endless, but do we notice them? Remember? Appreciate? Are we happy and enjoying them? The awareness of your presence in the present creates the fullness of the experience of the moment. And that is life itself – not yesterday or tomorrow, but here and now.





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