On the New Year eve singer Gaitana made a fantastic gift to her audience


On the New Year eve singer Gaitana made a fantastic gift to her audience – presented a new song called Sneg.  "Sneg" is the song about old memories and dreams, about life and love.

"The composition has turned out to be extremely warm and cozy. This is the song that will warm everyone during the winter holidays. I wish you a mutual love and always be with your dearest people ", - comments the singer.

It's interesting that "Sneg" is the creative interpretation of the Ukrainian version of the song "Snig", which was presented early this winter.
Note that very soon the singer's fans can wait for another pleasant surprise - the premiere of the video clip on the song "Snig", over which Gaitana together with her team is actively working. So keep your eyes peeled!


Відзначимо, що зовсім скоро на прихильників творчості співачки чекає ще одна приємна несподіванка – прем’єра відеокліпу на пісню «Сніг», над створенням якого Гайтана разом із командою активно працює. Тож слідкуйте за новинами!

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