LETAY presented a new single and a lyric video


 At first glance LETAY's new track "Lytsariu lychyt stal" is dedicated to Love. However, this feeling is generalized to a broader interpretation - experiences for the own  and state's fate. This is the message suggested by the team that created the "lyric video" of the single, which comes out simultaneously with the track.

The song was written a year ago and has been played at many concerts and festivals. It's finally time to announce it officially. From the very beginning, the musical concept has undergone many transformations.

As Ilya Letay Reznikov says: “The final version came quickly, although it was a completely different version of music before, but I didn't like it, so I reworked it completely. The final detail - the operatic vocals in the last chorus, came from our live. I came up with this tune for our former back vocalist Olga Kurilo (her vocal abilities "provoked" her) back in 2017 to start the show in the intro, and then decided to use it in "Lytsariu lychyt stal".

The track was produced by renowned Ukrainian music producer Vitaliy Telezin at his studio 211. Many musical decisions were made while working. In fact, the song was ready in the spring, but LETAY was in no hurry to release it. Creating a "video lyric", the project decided to go beyond the superficial interpretation of the lyrics.

Reznikov recalls: “The idea of ​​the text emerged gradually, at first I did not even realize what I would come to in the end. In the end, "Lytsariu lychyt stal"is about dignity, honor, and the ability to forgive. The idea of ​​the video even surprised me at first, but then I realized that everything was coming together. We are constantly releasing moments from our lives and moving on. But what we love is carved in our memory. ”

The set of Ukrainian archetypal images in the video, which was created for the song, is complemented by the use of the unique author's font "Ruthenia", designed by Vasyl Chebanyk, a famous Ukrainian calligrapher and book graphic artist. The font returns the graphic of the Ukrainian alphabet to the true Doppler Cyrillic - and, of course, it is also a defense of Ukrainian identity. That is why the release date of the track was absolutely organic - August 24, Independence Day, which we, as we can, have to cherish in our own way!


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