A completely new look, but with no less expressive sound: Illia LETAY has created a new remix


When the wave of life events lifts you up, you fall into a state that you want to comprehend as much as possible. This was the case in January 2019 with Ilya Reznikov – the song «Мила моя» confidently "broke" the radio, LETAY was approved with her as a participant in the selection for "Eurovision", ahead of new singles and spring.

Well, why not condense your creative time – Reznikov thought and decided to create remixes of other artists.

One of the first tracks that I wanted to update in my own way was the lead single of Khrystyna Solovii's album "Любий друг". There were no extraordinary reasons for the choice, everything is obvious.

"Khrystyna is a bright singer and her songs have an interesting melody - and what else do you need?" – Illia explains.

The artists were not familiar, moreover – Reznikov did not have any portfolio as a remixer. However, Khrystyna agreed:

"Illia is a talented musician and has a good taste, so I didn’t hesitate ..."

 It so happened that the work could not be done quickly – the release didn’t have any special timing, and LETAY didn’t allow to pay enough attention, so the idea receded into the background.

In summer of 2020 Reznikov suddenly came across files on his computer, he was instantly inspired, there was plenty of time, given the current pandemic nuances, and work resumed. At first, the musician did not have a specific stylistic decision – “I like to experiment most of all, to look remotely at the process. Therefore, there were only general ideas about the remix, and how exactly to implement them became clear only in the process. "Reznikov sent Khrystyna some ideas. The singer didn’t immediately accept them:

"We argued for a long time and in the end I gave up. Probably for the first time. After all, musically, this is not my territory.”, - Solovii admits.

      Of course, the feelings and thoughts embedded in Khrystyna's lyrics impose a certain responsibility on the approaches in creating their "frivolous" dance incarnations. In addition, for obvious reasons, the singer herself is their Guardian:

"I am very categorical in the sound of their songs. I'm looking for a long and meticulous sound. But I think the remixes still have meaning, while the song is overgrown with new moods and atmospheres. So why not? I imagine how "Любий друг" in the new version flies in the heart of someone completely unexpected."

The remix of Khrystyna Solovii's song is the second official remix by Illia LETAY on the song of other artists (after the January release of the KOZAK SYSTEM’s track "Закохані злодії". Several more are expected in the near future.

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